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Which Bottle Should I Use?

Butane, Propane, Patio and Gaslight - Flogas Bottled Gas Guide

Neat, mobile gas cylinders or bottled gas comes in many handy shapes and sizes to suit a variety of uses, from indoor gas cookers and portable gas heaters, to outdoor patio gas heaters, camping gas stoves, and BBQs. Use our handy video or information below to find out which cylinder best suits your requirements.


Want portable, instant heat, anywhere indoors? Choose Butane.

Supersers, gas heaters and mobile heaters operate on Butane. Neat, convenient and mobile gas heaters provide instant heat anywhere indoors. 

  • Perfect for supersers
  • Heat up any room - instantly
  • Safe, reliable and economical


Available in:

Standard Steel 


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mobile gas heater

Want heating and cooking in your home or business? Choose Propane.

For heating and cooking in your home or business where there is no space for standard bulk tanks, Propane is the solution.

  • Standard Propane bottles are a distinctive red colour
  • Housed outside and hooked into your cooking/heating
  • Standard 10.89kg size for single applications, such as a cooker
  • Larger 34kg and 47kg sizes are widely available

Available in 3 sizes:

Propane cylinders - 3 sizes, 10.89kg, 34kg, 47kg3 sizes - 10.89kg, 34kg, 47kg 


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lpg gas cooking

Entertaining outdoors? Choose Patio Gas.

Get the comfort of indoors - outdoors! Keep the party going with barbecuing and outdoor heating powered by Flogas Patio Gas. 

  • Great for gas barbeques 
  • Perfect for patio heaters
  • Safe & economical
  • Works with all standard bbq and patio heater models.


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Patio bottled gas

On the road or entertaining outdoors? Choose Gaslight.

If you love entertaining outdoors, or out and about in your boat, caravan, motorhome or trailer tent, then you’ll love Gaslight Propane and Butane cylinders (Butane currently only available in Dublin)


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Easy to connect
  • Rustproof
  • Semi translucent so you can see how much gas is left


Available in:

Gaslight Propane 


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Gaslight bottled gas