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What to do in the event of an LPG leak

LPG, in cylinders or tanks, has a distinctive smell added to enable you to clearly detect a leak. Never ignore a leak. Promptly take the following action: 

  1. Turn off the gas at the tank(s) or cylinder(s).
  2. In the case of indoor cylinders or cylinders in a small enclosed yard, disconnect the cylinder and remove to an open (outdoor) space.
  3. For indoor leaks, to disperse the gas, open all windows and doors to the outside. Avoid sources of ignition - no smoking, do not turn electrical switches on or off.
  4. For large outdoor leaks (i.e. where there is a smell of gas more than a few feet from the source), keep people, vehicles and ignition sources away. If necessary, cordon off the area and/or have someone stay there to control access.
  5. In the case of fire, immediately ring the fire brigade.