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In An Emergency

Emergency and safety information - in cases of gas leaks, fires, burns, poisoning, etc.

In the event of a gas leak or suspected leak

  1. Stop the gas flow at the container - for tanks, turn off the Tank Emergency Shut off valves (there will be two of these for tanks with liquid offtakes, ie., where it is used for filling vehicles or cylinders); for propane cylinders, turn off the cylinder alive; for butane cylinders, turn off the regulator.
  2. turn off all naked flames and eliminate all sources of ignition BUT do not turn electrical switches on or off.
  3. If leak is indoors, open all windows and doors, to disperse the gas.
  4. In the case of cylinders, disconnect the cylinder and move it outdoors to an open area.
  5. If the leak cannot be stopped or a significant leak has occurred, evacuate the premises.
  6. Contact your installer and contact the Flogas 24 hour emergency service at 0414506688

In the event of fire

  1. Contact the fire brigade (dial 999) and advise them that an LPG container is on the premises.
  2. Turn off the gas supply at the LPG container if it is safe and practical to do so.
  3. Evacuate the building
  4. Contact the Flogas 24 hour emergency

In the case of Carbon monoxide poisoning

  1. The symptoms are drowsiness and headache, in extreme cases a tendency to stagger and nausea.
  2. Remove the victim to fresh air immediately and obtain immediate medical assistance.
  3. If breathing is inadequate, start mouth to mouth resusciatation.

For further information on any of the above, consult the Flogas LPG/Propane/Butane Safety Data Sheet, available on request from Flogas.

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