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UKLPG Standards

UK Standards covering LPG

UKLPG Standards

UKLPG is the trade association representing companies that operate in the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) industry in the UK. Members include LPG producers, distributors, equipment and service providers, and vehicle converters. UKLPG is dedicated to the safe and effective development of LPG.

UKLPG's Codes of Practice, which provide guidance on best engineering and safety practice, are amongst the most recognised in the world. The Codes cover transportation, storage, installation, operations and utilisation of LP Gas. They have been developed by experts from within the industry in consultation with the UK Health & Safety Executive and other government authorities.

The following Codes of Practice are not exhaustive, additional specialised Codes of Practice can be viewed & purchased by visiting www.uklpg.org.

Code of Practice 1

Bulk LPG Storage at Fixed Installations


Part 1 - Design, Installation and Operation of Vessels Located Above Ground

Part 2 - Vapour Offtake Small Bulk Propane Installations

Part 3 - Examination and Inspection

Part 4 - Buried/Mounded LPG Storage Vessels

Code of Practice 2

Safe Handling and Transport of LPG in Road Tankers and Tank Containers by Road

Code of Practice 3

Recommendations for Prevention and Control of Fire Involving LPG

Code of Practice 7

Storage of Full and Empty LPG Cylinders and Cartridges

Code of Practice 10

The Use of LPG in Containers Installed on Mobile Equipment

Code of Practice 14

Hoses for the Transfer of LPG in Bulk, Installation, Inspection, Testing and Maintenance

Code of Practice 15

Part 1 - Valves and Fittings for LPG Service

Part 2 - Valves for Transportable LPG Containers

Code of Practice 18

Recommendations for the Safe Use of LPG as a Propulsion Fuel for Boats, Yachts and other Craft

Code of Practice 20

Liquid LPG Dispensing Facilities

Code of Practice 21

Guidance for Safety Checks on LPG Appliances in Caravans

Code of Practice 22

Design, Installation and Testing of LPG Piping Systems

Code of Practice 24

Use of LPG Cylinders

Part 1 - Use of LPG Cylinders at Residential and Similar Premises

Part 3 - Use of LPG for Commercial Catering Events, Street Food and Mobile Catering

Part 5 - The Storage and Use of LPG on Construction Sites

Part 6 - The use of Propane in Cylinders at Commercial and Industrial Premises

Code of Practice 25

LPG Central Storage and Distribution Systems for Multiple Consumers

Code of Practice 27

The Carriage of LPG Cylinders by Road & Hazard Information Labelling Requirements

Code of Practice 30

Gas Installations for Motive Power on Mechanical Handling and Maintenance Equipment