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Cylinder Retesting Programme

Standards and codes of practice for filling of butane and propane cylinders

Flogas Cylinder RetestingThe LPG industry is highly regulated and every aspect of the business, particularly the filling of LPG butane and propane cylinders, is controlled by national and international standards and codes of practice. LPG cylinders must undergo regular inspections in order to be qualified for use with gas appliances, including mobile heaters, cookers, barbeques and patio heaters.

In order to maintain the highest standards of safety, Flogas invests over €1,000,000 annually in the ongoing repair and refurbishment of its LPG butane and propane cylinders. This is to ensure the provision of a safe, high quality, range of LPG products for consumers.

Flogas Cylinder Retesting plant

The high level of investment by Flogas in safety procedures covers cylinder inspection, testing, valve replacement as well as the application of a high quality zinc metal spray to the exterior of the cylinder in compliance with the ADR (European Agreement covering the carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road). The zinc metal spray is applied at high temperatures and acts as a corrosion protection system, maintaining the integrity of the cylinder as well as prolonging its service life.

Flogas recovers, recycles and refurbishes LPG cylinders as part of a continuous and ongoing maintenance and upgrade programme. The upgrading and refurbishment of older cylinders is also good for the environment. To assist with these important programmes, customers are encouraged to return their empty cylinders when purchasing bottled gas from an approved Flogas dealer. This ensures that when the cylinders are being refilled by Flogas, they are regularly inspected by qualified personnel.