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Flogas Micro-generation Update


What is Micro-generation

Micro-generation is the general term used to refer to the generation of electricity from renewable technologies including solar photovoltaic (PV), micro-wind, micro-hydro and micro-renewable combined heat and power (CHP).

A payment, or Clean Export Guarantee (CEG), is available to all renewable generators that export to the grid, regardless of what energy provider they have a supply contract with. 

Flogas is naturally supporting this scheme and already we have hundreds of customers who are getting ready to benefit from solar generated electricity that is being fed back into the grid.

How will it work?

If you have a Smart Meter installed, we will be advised of the amount of electricity being generated at regular intervals and we will generate a credit on your Flogas Electricity bill for that amount.

If you are eligible for a Smart Meter but have not had one installed, then you are not eligible to for the Clean Export Guarantee. Please note that there is a four month lead in time for ESBN to exchange your current meter for a Smart Meter.

If you don’t have a Smart Meter as you are not currently eligible for one, ESBN (ESB Networks) who we are partnering with on this, will calculate a “deemed” amount, which is essentially their estimate of how much annual electricity will be micro generated and exported back into the grid for a regular home.

The calculation is that for every 1.2KW panel , 357 kwh will be fed back to the grid. So, for a 4.8 kw installation – 4 standard PV panels, an annual feed in volume of 1,428kwh will be assumed or “deemed”.

This may change over time.

A Smart meter set to quarter hourly readings, will be the most exact way to be sure you are getting every kwh generated and we are happy to help you get you a Smart Meter installed if you don’t already have it. And to correctly configure your Smart Meter set-up if you already have one. However, we believe the “deemed” amount will prove correct as it has done in other places such as Northern Ireland.

At regular intervals we will credit your electricity bill with an amount equal to the volume of electricity returned to the grid multiplied by the Flogas microgeneration rate. The first payment will be made by the 31 August 2022 and will be backdated to the 15 February 2022 when the government enacted the legislation, or from when you first became eligible to be remunerated for your exported electricity after that date. The above dates have been communicated to all electricity suppliers by the CRU (www.cru.ie).

For homes and small businesses who have less than 6kw of Solar PV installed – ie 5 or less 1.2kw panels, each supplier will set a feed in rate. We are waiting on some details from the CRU (May 2022) and as soon as we get full clarity, we will announce our feed in rates.

If you are a non-domestic installation ie school, farm, sporting organisation, company, and have more than 6.1KWe – up to 50 KWe, the SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) has mandated a Clean Export Premium Tariff 2022 set at 13.5c per kwh for 2022. This is a guaranteed fee for 15 years, set annually. Eligible volumes will be capped at 80% of generation capacity to encourage self-consumption. So, if you have 18 KWe installed you will receive 18X 80% = 14,400 kwh credit.


What do I need to do?

Have you completed a NC6 form?

This must be completed and sent on to ESBN to inform them that you have micro generation installed.

Micro-Generator Frequently Asked Questions

ESBN are working with customers, electricity supply companies and other industry stakeholders to upgrade meters (please click on link for form) for customers who have informed them that they have installed micro-generation.

Once that’s done, we are informed as your energy supplier, and we will take it from there. We will write to inform you of any further information we need and to inform you of the Clean Export rate we will be paying and at what intervals.

Please note you must be with the same energy supplier for your regular electricity account as your micro generation account.