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Solar Panels for your home, office, farm, warehouse or factory

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels in Ireland have become an increasingly popular way to bring down energy costs for your property. Flogas prides itself in providing clean sustainable energy to Ireland’s homes and businesses, so it’s a natural step for us to start offering our customers great deals on solar energy solutions.


Free solar quote and help with a grant


We’ll give you a free solar assessment of your property and whether it’s suitable for solar, recommend the most cost-effective solution to bring down your energy bills, and help you find a solar panel grant to cut the costs of installation.


With more flexible planning laws in Ireland, a huge number of Irish properties are missing out on the savings that solar can bring. By answering a few simple questions about your property to make sure it’s suitable for solar, you can get a free quote for solar panels. Solar PV panels that will help you start generating your own electricity immediately, and becoming less reliant on the national grid for your power


If you want to take it further, we’ll arrange a free site survey and technical assessment at your property. 


Smart batteries and solar panels

Despite Ireland’s unpredictable weather, it is still a great place to make the most of the sun’s energy to bring down the cost of your energy bills. Advances in battery technology mean you no longer have to use the energy generated by solar panels when it’s made, but can store it in a smart battery, to use when you most need it.


Smart batteries have another benefit to cutting energy costs at home. They can also store cheap off-peak electricity from the grid for you to use at other times of the day when electricity prices peak.


So by combining solar panels and smart batteries you get the best of both worlds, electricity from the sun, and lower-price electricity, to use whenever you need it. This is subject to your meter type and energy contract


Solar panel SEAI grants


Grants of up to €2400 are available for the installation of solar panels from the SEAI for certain types of properties in the Republic of Ireland. The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) provides these grants because of the benefits that solar panels can bring to support a clean energy supply to the properties in Ireland. All of Flogas solar solutions can be funded by SEAI grants which will help you pay for the cost of the installation. 


We will provide you with the information you need to get an SEAI grant for your installation and help you with any questions you have about grants for each of the parts of your solar solution. 


Solar panel prices


It’s no secret that electricity prices have been on the rise, and while Flogas is doing its best to produce and source the cheapest green energy we can find, rising prices have meant that solar panels can repay their costs over shorter time frames than ever before.


Solar Panels have been used in the past to just heat water for your home - which is still a great way to use the energy created - but now with Smart batteries, you can store additional energy to use whenever you want for certain types of properties in the Republic of Ireland. 


Flogas supply the latest and most efficient solar panel technology at a great price. By maximising solar power production at your home you can cut electricity bills by 50% - which means payback of the costs of installation for many households is under ten years. With our Solar systems guaranteed for 25 years, it’s easy to see how solar panels can help you save money. Get a free solar panel quote and start saving on electricity bills.


Solar for Electric (EV) Vehicles


Electric vehicles are quickly becoming the cheapest cars on the road to run, with zero car tax and the lower cost of electricity compared to petrol or diesel. With zero carbon emissions, they also benefit the planet, and mean an end to filling your car with expensive and dirty fossil fuels.


Installing solar panels and a smart battery means you can generate electricity in the daytime to help power your electric car overnight. As more and more of our transport options move to electric, solar panels are a great way to top up your electricity supply without adding costs to your bills. Our experts will give you advice about your EV charging options that come with a solar panel and smart battery solution from Flogas.


Make solar panels part of a carbon-free Ireland


The financial benefits of investing in solar are more obvious than ever, but another huge benefit is that you’ll be playing your part in making Ireland a step closer to a carbon-free future. 


By generating carbon-free energy to power your home, Ireland becomes less dependent on fossil fuels and all of the environmental risks that they carry. Helping Ireland reach its carbon-free target is helping to create a carbon-free future for generations to come.

By investing in solar panels you’ll also improve the energy (BER) rating of your home, which will help improve its value as many homebuyers are looking to purchase homes with better BER ratings because they ensure lower energy bills. 


Solar Panels and Irish weather


It’s a mistake to think that because we live in a country like Ireland, with its many varied weather patterns, solar panels are not effective. Studies show that even on a partly cloudy day solar panels, new super-efficient solar panels can work at 80% of their full capacity, and because of Ireland’s geographical position, a south-facing roof can maximise the benefit of Ireland’s long days in the months of summer. 


It’s true that solar panels will generate less electricity in bad weather, but there really is enough daylight every month of the year in Ireland to cut your electricity bills with a solar solution at your home.


Self-cleaning solar panels


As well as our solar panels coming with a guarantee of 25 years, our suppliers use self-cleaning solar panels to keep any upkeep at an absolute minimum. Solar panels from Flogas use the latest technology to generate the maximum amount of electricity with the minimum amount of fuss from you.


Smart Batteries also come with a 10-year guarantee, so once you have a system installed there is very little to do but enjoy cheaper electricity bills from the moment the installation is complete.


Flogas solar panel solutions - quality guaranteed


Flogas has partnered with solar installation suppliers who are experts in Ireland. Our partners have installed thousands of Irish homes with quality solar solutions. We take care in everything we do, making sure our solar customers are satisfied with the solar solution that is delivered and the savings they will make.

Get your free quote for a solar home from Flogas.