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Smart Battery home energy solutions

Smart Batteries are batteries that can easily fit into your house and safely store free electricity from solar panels - or off-peak electricity from a Smart Meter. Don’t worry if you currently don’t have a Smart Meter, you can request one for installation from the ESB, and with it, you can buy electricity at a discounted rate to charge your Smart Battery overnight.


What is a Smart Battery?

A Smart Battery is a battery that is charged with energy from your electricity supply and/or solar panels, and then can be used when you need it. Each Smart Battery Saver system incorporates a Smart Battery Controller and up to 8 of the latest Aoboet Uhome Lithium batteries – and if you need even more battery power, you can add additional Smart Battery controllers, and more batteries.


Can a Smart Battery power an entire home?

This depends on your home’s peak usage load and the amount of energy you are likely to use in a day. Even if you don’t have enough to deliver a whole day’s energy usage, the system will automatically switch to using electricity from the mains supply when the batteries are discharged, and recharge at your off-peak electricity rate when there is supply available. 


How long does it take to charge a Smart Battery?

The rate of charge or discharge will be initially determined by how many batteries are being used up until the maximum charge of the unit is achieved. To get the maximum savings from a Smart Battery installation it’s recommended that you get enough batteries to provide power for a full 24-hours.


What are the advantages of a Smart Battery?

When you have a Smart Battery you can charge it with the cheapest energy available - whether that’s free electricity from your solar panels or off-peak electricity from your Smart Meter. The Smart Battery then keeps this energy for you to use when you need it, no matter what time of day or night.


Do I need solar panels to benefit from a Smart Battery?

No, while a Smart Battery is a vital accessory for solar panels, it can also cut your electricity costs by allowing you to charge them at off-peak electricity prices and use the energy stored during peak periods. The Smart Battery can be set to automatically find the cheapest tariff available from your Smart Meter and charge up when it’s available.


How much space does a Smart Battery need?

Smart Batteries can be wall mounted in the loft to connect directly to your solar panels, or located conveniently anywhere in the house if your property isn’t suitable for solar.


How long do Smart Batteries work?

Our Smart Battery controllers and units come with a 10-year warranty. 


How do I know how much charge is in my Smart Battery?

You can access the status of your Smart Battery via your mobile, laptop or tablet. Programming of charge periods, daily performance information and remote manufacturer upgrades are all carried out through the monitoring platform.
Where there is no internet the Local Connect function allows a phone to pair directly to the unit without wi-fi. This is for local monitoring if needed.


Can I use Smart Battery electricity if there is a power cut?

Yes, the Smart Batteries have an integrated emergency power supply that can switch them on if there is a power cut - assuming you have enough charge in them when the power cut takes place.


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