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SEAI Grants for Solar PV Panels

Grants for solar PV panels in Ireland can cut as much as 2400 from the cost of installation. The SEAI provides grants to households to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and make Ireland a cleaner, greener country. 


What are SEAI grants?

SEAI stands for the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, and they are a Government-funded body whose vision is for Ireland’s energy to be sustainable, secure, affordable, and clean. Helping homes get solar PV panels is part of that strategy, which is why the SEAI provide grants of up to 2400 to help homes create their own clean, green energy supply.


How much is the grant for solar panels in Ireland?

The grant is 2400 and this is for the installation of solar panels in your home. The payment works like this; For every kilowatt panel (kWp) installed, a grant of 900 for the first 2 kWp is paid. So 2 kWp means a grant of 1800. For every additional kWp installed, a grant of 300 is paid, up to an additional two kWp. So for 4 kWp, you get the maximum of 2400. 


Of course, you may wish to install more than this because the savings on home energy will still pay for additional panels, but further panels above the 4 kWp limit are not subject to a grant payment. Contact us for a free Solar panel quote and details of the SEAI grants available.


Do all suppliers qualify for SEAI grants?

SEAI grants are only paid to registered solar installation companies that meet high standards. Flogas’ solar panel suppliers are registered and their work is of the highest standard.

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Do all properties in Ireland qualify for an SEAI solar grant?

There are some criteria that must be met, but for all but new homes, there is not a lot to get in the way of a grant for solar panels. The criteria from the SEAI is as follows;


  • Support is available to all homeowners of dwellings built and occupied before 31st Dec 2020. 
  • Grant approval from SEAI must be in place before any purchase of materials or commencement of measures undertaken we can help you with all that.
  • The grant offer, once accepted by the Applicant, remains valid for eight months from the date of issue of grant offer notification. 
  • A post works BER must be completed which our installation crews can assist you with
  • Applicants are required to submit an ESB Networks NC6 form for the application for a connection to the electricity distribution system for a micro-generator. Please contact ESB Networks for guidance.
  • Applicants must use a Company who are active on the Solar PV Scheme Registered Company List at the time of work. Don't worry, all our highly trained installation contract partners are fully registered, insured and accredited.
  • The electrical works must be completed by a Safe Electric Ireland electrician again, we have go you covered.
  • The Scheme supports the installation of newly fitted materials and new products which cannot have been incentivised previously in the particular home under any other grant Scheme.
  • The system must meet the requirements defined in the Solar PV Code of Practice.


When is an SEAI solar grant paid?

The grant is paid on completion of the work. The supplier will fill in the documentation and provide it to the SEAI, who then send the payment of the grant to the homeowner once the paperwork is completed.


Is a grant available for Smart Batteries to accompany the solar panels?

Grants were available for Smart Batteries but since the introduction of the electricity MicroGen scheme, these are no longer available. The MicroGen scheme means that you can sell excess energy generated by the solar panels back into the grid and have the money discounted from your bill. A smart battery is still a money-saving device that can help you manage solar electricity and other electricity costs since it means you can flexibly charge energy at off-peak prices and use it when you need it.

Flogas will be announcing our MicroGen tariff details very soon.  Watch this space!!


How many solar panels are covered by the grant?

It depends on the size and output of the solar panels used as to how many are covered. The grant is for the solar panel output, not the actual physical solar panel. The grant is weighted towards the first 2 kWp of solar panels installed, so if you have a smaller home you can still benefit from a significant portion of the grant for installation.


Where can I find out more about SEAI grants for solar panels?

You can find out more about solar panel grants from the SEAI website.


How can I discover if my home is suitable for solar panels and grants?

Get a free solar quote and information about the grants available from Flogas.