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Gas barbecues deliver instant heat for clean, controllable al fresco cooking. A gas BBQ means there's no delay, waiting for charcoals to light up and heat up - you could be wowing your guests with mouthwatering delicious food in no time at all!

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Gaslight Bottled Gas

Super-light, super-easy gaslight - for barbecues, patios, camping, caravans, motorhomes, and boats. Gaslight’s innovative semi-translucent cylinder allows you to see exactly how much gas you have left - so you should never be caught short again. This unique bottle is approximately half the weight of a steel cylinder and the inbuilt handle makes Gaslight very portable. Creates less nose weight for caravan towing. Our 27mm clip-on regulator easily connects to most LPG appliances quickly and safely.

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Patio heaters - keep the party going

The best Summer parties often end up outdoors - keep it going with patio heaters and clean, efficient LPG. Bring the comfort of indoors outdoors all through Summer and even into Autumn with patio heaters and LPG. We have a wide range of bottled gas cylinders to power your next party - and our innovative, lightweight and portable Gaslight cylinder makes it all so easy.

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Caravans, Camping and boating holidays

You can take the comfort of home away with you on your next adventure. Our range of bottled gas sizes means you can power any mobile heaters, patio heaters, gas cookers, and bbq with clean, economical LPG. And our innovative and lightweight Gaslight cylinders takes the heavy work out of your holiday.

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