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About our gas cylinders

Butane and propane bottled gas for gas heaters, patio gas, bbqs

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Butane Cylinders

Flogas Butane Cylinders are perfect for use with Flogas Superser mobile heaters in winter or outdoors with the gas barbeque in summer.  Butane bottled gas is also suitable for domestic gas cookers and cooking with Butane is cheaper than using electricity.

Propane Cylinders

Flogas Propane cylinders have a larger capacity, allowing for longer-term options for those customers who are not on the natural gas grid, or who don't have room for a bulk tank, but want gas for gas heaters and cooking. Two are usually installed with an automatic changeover device so when one cylinder runs out, it switches seamlessly to the full cylinder leaving plenty of time to phone for a replacement cylinder. Flogas operates a nationwide network of distributors in strategic locations to ensure constant and speedy deliveries direct to customers, whatever the weather.

Flogas Patio Gas

Flogas Patio Gas is the perfect fuel for patio heaters and like butane cylinders, can be used with gas barbeques as well.  The Flogas patio gas cylinder works with all standard bbq and patio heater models.  Replacement patio bottled gas cylinders are available from nationwide network of distributors and selected patio gas dealers.


Super-light, super-easy gaslight - for barbecues, patios, camping, caravans, motorhomes, and boats, the innovative Gaslight cylinder is lightweight, semi-translucent, and available in handy 10kg and 5kg sizes, allowing the user to see exactly how much gas is left.

Find out more about Gaslight >

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Forklift LPG Cylinder

Flogas are the number one choice for supplying LPG for Forklift Truck users nationwide. We have a wealth of experience and resources to ensure a level of quality and service which is second to none. From single truck users to multi-unit fleets, Flogas has the flexibility to provide a cost effective & reliable service. Flogas has a nation-wide network of Distributors and Dealers who provide a convenient and efficient gas refill and delivery service to fork lift truck users.


While all our cylinders meet the standard stringent health and safety guidelines, Flogas go the extra mile and provide secure tamper-proof cylinder seals (Securiseal) for all our Butane and Propane cylinders. Such seals are a sign of a quality product and a guarantee that the cylinder is full and has been tested to the highest standards. Flogas is the only LPG company in Ireland to have a tamper-proof seal on its propane cylinders.

Flogas Bottled Gas Quality Assurance

Empty Flogas cylinders are transported to the company’s nationwide network of filling plants for inspection prior to refilling. Any cylinders that fail this inspection are then sent to the Flogas cylinder testing and refurbishment centre, where they are repaired, refurbished and re-qualified for use.

LPG cylinders must undergo regular inspections in order to be qualified for use with gas appliances, including mobile heaters, cookers, barbeques and patio heaters. In order to maintain the highest standards of safety, Flogas invests over €1,000,000 annually in the ongoing repair and refurbishment of its LPG butane and propane cylinders. This is to ensure the provision of a safe, high quality, range of LPG products for consumers.

Find out more about our rigorous Cylinder Retesting Programme here.

Cylinder Returns / Exchanges

The Flogas dealer network will accept competitor cylinders when customers are purchasing Flogas butane and propane refills. The Flogas cylinder and valve system is interchangeable with other brands of bottled gas and this facilitates ease of purchasing bottled gas for customers.

Looking for a bulk gas tank?

Do you need a more permanent solution for your energy needs, but are not near a mains gas supply? An LPG central heating system from Flogas is a cost effective, secure and clean alternative to an oil central heating system. Find out more about bulk LPG tanks here >