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Bottled Gas Cylinders and Bulk Gas Tanks

LPG delivery and distribution

Flogas provide cylinders, tanks and storage options to suit every type of customer and property. Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is distributed in three ways:

  • Bulk gas: Propane gas in tanks which are filled by gas tankers.
  • Propane cylinders: Propane gas in portable red cylinders of different sizes for location outdoors.
  • Butane cylinders: Butane gas in smaller portable cylinders for use indoors.

Bottled gas?

gas cylinders

If your property cannot accommodate a storage tank (or if you plan to use gas for your gas fire or gas cooker only), neat propane or butane cylinders (or bottled gas) provide the ideal solution. Changeover valves automatically switch you to a full new cylinder when the old one runs out. Bottled gas comes in many handy shapes and sizes to suit a variety of uses, from indoor gas cookers and portable gas heaters, to outdoor patio gas heaters, camping gas stoves, and BBQs.

Bulk Tanks

On most rural sites, connection to the mains is often not an option. The alternative for many people is an LPG bulk tank - just like a regular oil tank, but cleaner, easier to fill and much more secure than oil. With the price of home heating oil in Ireland, and the fear of oil theft, an LPG central heating system is a clean and efficient alternative.

Above ground tanks

Most Flogas customers opt for standard over ground storage for their LPG tank. Your Flogas sales representative we will determine the best tank size and location to suit you.

Underground tanks

If you live in a picturesque area and want to save your views from being interrupted by a bulky tank, Flogas have the solution for you. Flogas can place your tank underground where it can remain out of sight and out of mind. And, while your tank will be unnoticeable, just a small, green inspection hatch will remain visible.

bulk gas tank

New LPG customers get a FREE LPG Boiler when switching from oil to LPG.** In addition, residential customers in the Republic of Ireland may be eligible for an SEI grant towards a new efficient gas central heating installation.

**Terms & Conditions apply

Flogas has helped many families install an economical, safe gas central heating system, wherever they are in Ireland. Find out more from some of our happy customers.?

Distribution, filling, and delivery

Flogas has four storage terminals strategically located throughout the country to keep customer bulk tanks topped up at all times. The terminals are located at Drogheda, Cork, Ballyhaunis and Belfast. This network of terminals ensure a constant and speedy distribution of LPG to customers nationwide. LPG deliveries to all customers are geared to suit their individual needs - customers can order gas as they need it, or use our computerised top-up system which obviates the need for customers to order in advance (the top-up system is not normally used for home heating customers as the normal variation in invoicing is too high due to the lower usage). This delivery service can operate on a 24 hour per day, 7 days per week basis when required.

In addition to Flogas filling cylinders, there is a network of Flogas-appointed filling plants (supplied by road tanker from Flogas terminals) strategically located around the country for maximum responsiveness. Complimenting this is a comprehensive network of Flogas distributors and dealers from whom cylinders can be purchased. Many of these will deliver and connect up propane cylinders if required. If you contact us, we can advise on who your local dealers are and who will provide a delivery service.

Butane cylinders are sold by Flogas under two brands, Flogas and Ergas. They are filled and distributed in the same manner as propane cylinders. Feel free to contact us and we can advise on who your local dealers are and who will provide a delivery service.