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Help for BE Energy Customers

We are thrilled to announce that BE Energy customers will be moving to Flogas on 4th December 2020.

We have formulated some standard FAQ’s to help with this.

About your energy account

What do I need to do now?
There is no action required at this time. Flogas and BE Energy will work together to ensure a transfer of your account.
Will I still be a BE Energy customer?
No. On transfer, you will be a Flogas customer.
Will my energy supply be affected?
No. There will be no interruption to your supply.
Will my account details change?
Yes, you will receive details of your new Flogas account number before 18th December 2020.
If I am a vulnerable or priority services customer, do I need to take any action?
No. Your vulnerability/priority status will not change and will be maintained as appropriate. If you are a vulnerable or priority services customer and have not already registered on BE Energy’s Priority or Special Services Registers, please contact Be Energy before the 3rd of December to do so, alternatively from 4th December you can contact Flogas to change your status. A copy of Flogas’ Code of Practice on Vulnerable/Priority Service Customers can be found here
Will my electricity be Green?
Yes, 100% of the electricity supplied to all Flogas customers is sourced from renewable generation, in accordance with the Commission for Regulation of Utilities Green Source Product Verification process.
Why can’t I change supplier for 20 working days after the transfer?
This is part of the change of supplier market registration process established by RMDS adhered to by all suppliers.
Can I change how I am billed?
You can change how you are billed between paper billing and electronic billing, by contacting Flogas, with your new Flogas account details.
Can I change my payment method or frequency?
Please contact Flogas to discuss your alternate payment options.

About your price and balance

Will my prices go up?
No. there will be no change to the tariff rates and terms that would have applied with BE Energy, whether you are on standard rates currently, or while you remain in contract.
My contract is due to be renewed, should I renew with BE or Flogas?
Please renew your contract with Flogas.
Will the price increase of 1st November apply to my Flogas account?
Whatever rate you were due be on from 4th December from BE Energy will apply to your Flogas account.
What about my account credit or debit?
Any credit on your account will automatically move to your Flogas account immediately after the transfer takes place. Equally any current debit balances will also transfer.

About your bills and payments

Will my SEPA Direct Debit stay the same? Will it move across?
Your SEPA Direct Debit will move across to Flogas automatically on December 4th. The creditor name and Id number on your DD will change on your bank statement to Flogas and IE92ZZZ361059. If you pay a fixed monthly amount this will continue as before, the date of DD payment may change slightly & we will contact any affected customers in advance to give them adequate notice and details. If you pay variable amounts, then your payment will be taken from your account 14 days after you receive your first Flogas bill and will appear on your bill as Flogas. In those cases, SEPA Direct Debit payments will vary according to the amount due on the bill.
What happens with my Final Bill from BE Energy - will I have to clear the balance if any is owed?
You will receive a final bill from BE Energy in early December. This will act as an interim bill to show you the balance of your account at the time of transfer to Flogas.
Will my monthly payment amount continue as before?
Yes, your current monthly payment will continue as a Budget Plan payment.
When will I get my first bill from Flogas? Will it include any arrears/credits from BE Energy?
You will receive your first Flogas bill in line with your normal billing schedule as Flogas will continue to bill you to market read in line with the same manner that BE Energy did whilst your account was active with them. Your first Flogas bill will be based on the final meter reading used by BE Energy for your interim bill to the next scheduled networks meter reading. After the first bill, you will revert to receiving bills for electricity from Flogas every two months.
Will my bills be posted or available on-line when I move to Flogas?
You will receive your Flogas bill either electronically or in the post as you did with BE Energy. If you received bills electronically, we will be using the email address we receive from BE Energy so please check that your details in the attached letter are correct. Your current and past BE Energy bills will be available on-line on the current BE Energy portal address until November 2021.
What are the changes to my data preferences?
BE Energy process and retain your personal data in compliance with relevant data protection legislation. This will also be the case with Flogas. Under Article 6(1) of the GDPR there are 6 legal basis that can be adopted as the legal basis for processing your personal data and marketing to you, BE Energy use consent as their legal basis. On joining BE Energy, you had the choice to opt-in to marketing or opt-out.

Flogas use Legitimate Interest as our basis to market to our customers as we believe it is in our legitimate interests and yours as our valued customer, to continue to receive special tariffs and/or money back offers, as well as other promotional offers. You can at any time opt-out of receiving marketing by contacting us by phone on 041 2149500, emailing us at info@flogas.ie or sending a letter to our address below.

Knockbrack House,
Matthews Lane,
Donore Road,
Co. Louth,
A92 T803
How can I check my BE Energy bills?
You can continue to see your BE Energy bills on your online account portal. If you need to reset your pin please email info@beenergy.ie
Is the BE Energy App still working?
The BE Energy app has been suspended and will be replaced by the Flogas online account management system from your next Flogas bill.

Contact information

Who should I contact if I have a problem?
Before the transfer date - please contact BE Energy as usual on Info@BEEnergy.ie or 1800 817 383 up until the 3rd December 2020.

After the transfer date - the Flogas team is happy to help you with any queries on your new account or to discuss your prior BE Energy balance on 041 214 9500 from 4th December 2020.