Flogas Heating at Home

Get a warm and cosy home with clean, affordable Flogas gas central heating – wherever you are in Ireland

Stay warm with Flogas

Energy saving central heating from Flogas - comfort and heat at home. Imagine enjoying a warm, cosy home AND big savings - wherever you are in Ireland! Thousands of households all over Ireland have already made the switch to Flogas for central heating, hot water, and much more.

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Natural Gas and LPG with Flogas

Save on heating with Flogas

Affordable home heating with Flogas. Natural Gas customers can save in more ways that one with our 100% carbon neutral gas, while LPG customers can get a FREE boiler when switching from oil to a modern LPG central heating system**

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Reliable and available supply

Flogas can heat your home no matter where you are in Ireland. Convenient Flogas Natural Gas is available wherever there is a mains gas supply, while Flogas LPG provides a reliable safe gas central heating system for your home if you live beyond the mains gas supply.

Gas supply options for Home Heating

Home heating with Flogas Natural Gas

Gas central heating via mains gas supply - convenient, clean and reliable. Switch to Flogas today and save in more ways than one with our 100% carbon neutral gas.

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Home heating with Flogas LPG

Not near a Natural Gas pipeline? No problem - you can have a warm heated home wherever you are in Ireland, with a central heating system combined with a modern, quiet and super-efficient boiler.

Down Arrow LPG Home Heating Find out more about switching supplier, switching from oil, or installing a new LPG heating system