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Government Electricity Credit

What is the Government Electricity Credit? 

A Scheme has been approved by the Government to credit eligible domestic electricity customers with three instalments of €137.61 (exc. VAT) for the forthcoming winter. This is one of a range of measures being taken to mitigate energy costs. 

The Commission for the Regulation of Utilities (CRU) will be responsible for overseeing the scheme. ESB Networks will make payments to energy suppliers after receipt of funds from the Exchequer, who in turn will credit all their domestic electricity account holders with three payments of €137.61 (exc. VAT). 

Who is eligible for the Government Electricity Credit? 

The scheme will apply to all domestic accounts (DG1 and DG2), including pay as you go customers, that have consumption of 150 kWh of electricity consumed in each period of three months in the four consecutive periods of three months occurring in the period beginning on 1 July 2022 and ending on 30 June 2023.  Over 96% of our residential customers will be eligible based on their consumption. 

If your consumption is under the threshold, you will still qualify if you meet one of the below criteria – 

  • Registered Vulnerable Customer or eligible to register as a Vulnerable Customer 
  • Registered as an export customer with ESB Networks (microgeneration) on the effective date(s) 
  • Have had a PAYG meter installed for Financial Hardship Purposes on the effective date(s) 


What is a “Low Usage” Account? 

A low usage electricity account is one that used less than 150 kWh of energy, in every three-month period between 1 July 2022 and 30 June 2023. Some examples of what 150 kWh would look like during each three-month period- 

  • you had a fridge-freezer plugged in 
  • you boiled a kettle twice a day, and 
  • you had one light bulb on for two hours a day. 


How will I know if I qualify for the Government Electricity Credit? 

You will automatically receive the credit on your first invoice after the respective effective dates of the scheme.  In advance of the receipt of this invoice, you can review your previous invoices to ascertain if your consumption meets the threshold and if you are a residential customer (DG1 / DG2).  


What do I have to do receive the credit? 

All eligible domestic electricity customers will receive the credit automatically and do not need to apply for it. There will be three “effective dates” of the scheme taking place on 29 November 2023, 20 December 2023 and 28 February 2024.  The supplier that you are registered with at each effective date will be responsible for crediting customer accounts with the €137.61 (exc. VAT) instalments.  


When will I receive the credit? 

You will see the credit line item of €137.61 (exc. VAT) on your bill from December onwards.  It is anticipated that the first instalment will be paid in December / January, the second in January / February and the final instalment in March / April to align with the bi-monthly billing cycle common to residential customers.  The credit will be applied to your bill and incorporated into your existing billing cycle.  Please note that some customers will see their first two instalments on their first bill in 2024 dependent upon their billing cycle. 


What if I am not eligible based on the threshold in place? 

You can query your eligibility if you do not meet the consumption threshold outlined above by contacting us at customersupport@flogas.ie or on 041 214 9500.  A review of your account and circumstances will take place to determine if you are eligible to register as a Vulnerable Customer, are registered as an export customer on the effective date or have a prepayment meter installed for financial hardship purposes.  Please note that your eligibility objection must be received before 30 June 2024. 


I have moved into a property that previously had low usage. Will I get the credit? If you move into a property where there was consumption data available between 1 July 2022 and 30 June 2023, the calculation of electricity used at the property will be made based on whoever lived there during that period. In this case, if your account is classified as a low usage electricity account, unfortunately, according to legislation you are not eligible to receive the credit. 

What if my property did not have a meter connected to the network between 1 July 2022 and 30 June 2023? 

You will still be eligible as the legislation only covers meter points that recorded consumption below the threshold between the above dates. 


Why not Gas or LPG? 

While all homes have electricity, the heating fuel varies, so it would be difficult to fairly compensate customers for their heating fuel costs. 


What if I owe money on my account? 

The payment will effectively credit your account with €450 so any amount owed will be reduced after taking into account consumption over the period of the scheme. 

I’m thinking of switching my electric provider should I hold off? 

You will receive your credit from which ever supplier you are with on the effective date(s) of fund allocation from ESBN, you will either receive it on your last bill from the supplier you are leaving or the first bill from the supplier you are joining. Change of supplier will not impact your right to receive the credit.  It is possible that you could receive instalments from different suppliers in the event that you change supplier during the scheme.   

The Credit was not included on my final bill, what should I do? 

This may occur if you are in the process of leaving Flogas around one of the effective dates of the scheme.  If you do leave Flogas and the credit is not applied to your account prior to receipt of your final bill, the credit will be applied and your final balance updated.  We will then communicate with you directly to advise that it has been applied and provide your final balance.  If you are in credit then this communication will contain information on the refund of any credit owed. 

Does the credit carry over to the next bill if I don’t need it all on this bill? 

The credit will appear on your bill and be allocated to either current or future usage depending on your account balance at the time of allocation. 

What if I have a PAYG meter? 

Arrangements have been put in place for customers using hardship PAYG meters, around how you will receive the credit. Some meters will have the credit applied in multiple instalments over a number of days but we will be communicating directly with affected customers in advance of the credit being applied. 


What if I pay my landlord for my electricity? 

For operational reasons the scheme can only credit the domestic electricity account holder. In cases where a tenant is not the account holder, the expectation is that the landlord will pass the credit on to the tenant. 

I am due to move house / apartment, the account is in the name of “the resident” do I get the credit? 

You should contact us to activate your account as soon as practically reasonable upon your purchase/rental of a property. If the account activation is requested in advance of the fund allocation date, the credit will be automatically applied to your account.  We are obligated to apply the credit to the account holder that is registered to the property on the effective date(s). 

My house isn’t ready yet, the account is not in my name it is in the name of the builder how do I get the credit? 

For operational reasons the scheme can only credit the domestic electricity account holder. Only the account holder who is registered to the MPRN at the time of each effective date will receive the credit, each MPRN will only receive a credit of €137.61 (exc. VAT) per instalment, you may want to discuss this with your builder if the date is of concern to you. 

I am applying for a new connection, but it won’t be active at the outset of the scheme, do I get the credit? 

Only accounts registered at the time of fund allocation will receive the credit, if there is an outstanding fit meter/registration request that completes after the fund allocation date you will not receive the credit. 


I received a text message about my accessing my credit, is it legitimate? 

It is important to not engage with texts or phone calls asking for personal information to access your electricity credit.  You do not need to sign up to receive the credits. The scheme will automatically apply to all domestic electricity accounts that are not low usage electricity accounts. For information on what to do if you have engaged with a scam call or text, please see the following information from the Commission for Communications Regulation:  


Are there additional supports available to help with electricity/heating costs? 

Yes. The Department of Social Protection has a number of supports available including: 

Fuel Allowance 

Households Benefits Package 

Exceptional Needs Payments (SWA)