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What's an EAB?

EAB - Estimated Annual Bill

The CRU (Commission for Regulation of Utilities) have asked all suppliers to provide an estimated annual bill as an indicator to understand the best tariff options available to customers on all their marketing and advertising materials. This information is provided to assist customers in making the most suitable choice for their energy needs.

The CRU have determined that the typical customer will consume 11,000kwhs of natural gas per year, thus this is the figure Flogas will base the EAB on, however you should note that your actual natural gas usage may vary from same.

In line with guidance from the CRU the EAB does not include any value from, cashbacks, loyalty points, vouchers, gifts or any other such add ons.

The EAB is calculated by taking the average consumption figures and adding this into a calcualtion with the gas unit rates, standing charges, carbon tax and VAT. Please see example here:

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