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Vulnerable Customers

A Vulnerable Customer is a customer who has self-registered with us on our vulnerable user register. Flogas guarantee that any customer who registers with us as vulnerable will have their details updated to show in the central database held by the GPRO (Gas Point Registrations Office).

A Vulnerable Customer is defined as a household customer who is particularly vulnerable to disconnection during winter months (1st November to the 31st of March) for reason of advanced age or physical, sensory, intellectual or mental health issues.

We aim to offer all our customers the best possible service but understand that our vulnerable customers may require some additional services and therefore we can also offer:

  • Talking Communications - we can provide verbal communication for customers who have a visual impairment
  • Large Print Communications - we can provide communication in large print for customers with a visual impairment
  • Online Communications - we can provide online communication for customers with a hearing impairment
  • Redirecting Communications - a customer can nominate another party for communications if they have difficulty in communicating with us directly. You can do this by contacting us in writing with the contact details of the nominated person

If you would like to be placed on the vulnerable customer register you can do so during sign up or at any stage by contacting our customer service team. You can also complete the Registration Form below and return it to us by post to;

Flogas are proud supporters of Hidden Disability

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Download the form

Download the Vulnerable Customer Registration Form here