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Updated Terms and Conditions

Updated Household Customers General Terms and Conditions of Supply (the Terms)

Flogas Natural Gas launch new Terms and Conditions, Codes of Practice and Customer Charter 2019


From August 2019 Flogas Natural Gas Limited will be implemented new Residential General Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Energy. In order to ensure consistency with the best practice guidelines issued by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU), the following changes will be made:

30 day notice of fixed discount tariff cessation
We will write to customers between 30 - 60 days before your fixed tariff offer is due to expire.

Annual prompts
We will write to customers annually who are on the same tariff for three years or more to prompt them to check if they are on the best tariff for them.

Estimated Annual Bill (EAB)
All our marketing and advertising materials will provide an easy-to-understand estimated annual bill figure which will display the average household’s energy costs for a year.
For more information on EAB click here
To view the August 2019 Residential General Terms and Conditions please click here


Flogas continuously strive to protect the interests of our customers, especially the vulnerable, by ensuring that Standards of Services are set and Codes of Practices are in place.
To view August 2019 Codes of Practice for Residential Customers please click here
To view August 2019 Codes of Practice for Commercial Customers please click here


To demonstrate our commitment to providing services that fully and consistently meet the needs of our customers, we have service guarantees in place.
To view our August 2019 Customer Charter please click here
Should you require further information please contact our customer service team at 041-9874874.

Are my Tariffs affected by the new Terms and Conditions?

If you are on a fixed period discounted tariff, you will receive between 30 and 60 days notice in advance of the expiration of your tariff that the period is coming to an end and confirmation of the tariff details you are reverting to.