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Updated Terms and Conditions

Updated Household Customers General Terms and Conditions of Supply (the Terms)

What's Changed ?

We have updated our Household Customer General Terms and Conditions of Supply in order to ensure consistency with the best practice guidelines issued by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU).

We have detailed below the main changes.

Codes of Practice and Customer Charter

Flogas has put in place codes of practice relating to such items as Billing, Complaints handling and Marketing. Condition 29 refers to this and provides contact details.

Vulnerable Customers

Flogas will not request a disconnection of supply (in the event of non payment ) during the winter months where a person is appropriately registered with Flogas as a vulnerable customer. This is provided for under Condition 13.

Cooling off Period

Condition 4 provides that customers are entitled to cancel their new supply agreement with Flogas if they should so wish within 14 calendar day's of the original request to Flogas to supply natural gas, by contacting us.

Debt Flagging

The CRU has put in place a Debt Flagging process whereby information regarding your account (relating to unpaid debts) is exchanged between suppliers in the event of you deciding to switch suppliers, if the overdue debt on your accounts exceeds the thresholds set out by the CRU. Condition 24 refers.


The new General Terms and Conditions have where possible been written in "Plain English". This is an internationally recognised approach designed to make the Terms and Conditions, which is of course a legal document easily understood.

Should you require further information please contact our customer service team at 1850 30 68 00.


Are my Tariffs affected by the new Terms and Conditions ?

Existing Customers

The introduction of the new Terms has no affect on your tariff.

New Customers

New customers may be provided with an introductory 12 month discounted tariff. In this event on expiration of this 12 month period your tariff will automatically and without notice to you be changed to our standard tariff as applicable at the time. Alternatively you may select your tariff from the schedule of eligible tariffs published on the Flogas web site at that time. If you terminate your contract prior to the expiry of the 12 month period you will be charged an exit fee charge of euro 50 incl VAT.