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Solar Panels

Free water heating for your home with solar water heating

solar panels

Solar panels are an amazing, passive way to generate free water heating. If you are interested in saving money, doing your bit for the planet, and increasing your Building Energy Rating (BER), solar panels are the most common and affordable form of alternative energy available in Ireland. Solar energy has a fast payback period, is free of running costs and will greatly increase your BER, in turn helping maintain a high re-sale value for your home. It can also help reduce carbon emissions.

What type of solar panel should I choose?

There are two types of solar collectors available in Ireland - evacuated tube and flat plate panels. Flat plate panels have high thermal losses (they lose heat to the air/wind or environment), as they expose their full face area for only a short period of time, and it loses some of its energy to the air, before it can transfer it to the water. In cooler climates such as Ireland, solar panels need to work harder. Evacuated tubes are like thermos flasks and don't lose any heat. Also, because the tube is round, it always has the maximum possible area facing the sun. Evacuated tubes offer higher efficiencies as they have little or no heat loss, and are more suitable for the Irish climate. Simply put, evacuated tube solar panels out-perform flat panels in cloudy or cooler climates. For example, the south polar base station heats its water using solar panels with Kingspan Thermomax evacuated tubes.

Solar heating and Flogas LPG, the perfect combination

in Ireland, most Solar Panels only provide around 50% of your home’s hot water needs annually, so you’ll need a flexible and responsive complimentary source of fuel to cope with the shortfall. Flogas Home Heating is the ideal economical and efficient solution. With Flogas, you’re guaranteed clean, efficient central heating, instant hot water, economical cooking, cosy gas fires and gas tumble dryers, whatever the Irish weather is doing! Remember, the LPG boiler will only ever be topping up the temperature and never heating your water from cold, thereby saving you money.

Discounts and special offers on solar panels for Flogas customers

You can receive very special offers and discount as a Flogas customer by filling in our Solar Panel survey form.

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