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Photovoltaic Solar panels

Free electricity for your home with PV solar panels

Photovoltaic Solar panels

PV solar panels are an amazing, passive way to generate free electricity for your home. Photovoltaic is an innovative new technology that harnesses solar energy to generate electricity to power everything from charging phones to operating your electric shower.

These solar panels are a true form of renewable energy. They cost nothing to run, and have little or no maintenance or moving parts. This means you get a reliable, long lasting system that generates electricity for you for many years.

What can I do with my free energy?

The free electricity energy from these solar PV systems can be used anywhere in the house. The power is totally free from carbon emissions and hence there are no carbon taxes. Any surplus electricity can be dumped to the national grid and you can receive 9 cent for every unit you dump to the grid. This helps bring down the payback of your system to 7 years.

With a 20 year output guarantee on our system, backed by the Chubb Group, you get peace of mind, long into the future.

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