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Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

Clean, fresh air throughout your home - get rid of the grills

Why should you install a heat recovery ventilation system into your new home?

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems Diagram

If you insulate your building to high standards, install good quality double glazing and low heat loss glass, make the building airtight and do everything possible to help reduce the cost of heating your home; don't let a basic ventilation system undo all the good work.

Traditional ventilation grills are inefficient - depending on the wind direction, you may be losing excessive heat or not ventilating your home at all. A heat recovery unit lets you block up those 6" holes and lets fans gently and constantly ventilate the house, while extracting any useful heat from the exhaust air from kitchens and bathrooms.

A good quality HRV system has many benefits -  it will automatically boost the extract airflow to help clear steam from the bathroom faster after a shower or bath. Also, its great for removing stale air, odours after cooking, if your house has hosted a crowd, or if you have smokers in the house.

With the HRV system installed, there is no need to open windows to ventilate - bedrooms are fresh every morning because the heat recovery ventilation system has been working hard to remove all the stale smells and replace the air with fresh, filtered and heated outdoor air. By keeping humidity levels low and introducing warmed fresh filtered air to replace contaminated air, the quality of the internal environment is significantly improved.

The Sentinel Kinetic from Vent-axia is the next generation of whole house heat recovery ventilation systems. Our partners, Alternative Energy Ireland, can advise you on the best approach.

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