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Convert your car to Autogas

A simple conversion could save you up to 50% on fuel costs

Converting your car to LPG is a relatively straightforward process, and involves simply installing a secondary fuel system in your vehicle with a separate tank and gauge for the Autogas fuel. Your car maintains the primary fuel system and will now be a dual-fuel vehicle, allowing you to switch between the two systems quickly and easily.

There are many specialist conversion companies around Ireland who will assess your vehicle, and advise you on cost and timeframe. Many of these companies offer little extras, such as a complimentary replacement car for the duration of the conversion, or a free LPG fill.

What's involved in an Autogas Conversion?

A robust and safe separate secondary fuel tank will be installed neatly in your car, usually around the wheel well, along with a second set of fuel injectors, which feeds the LPG directly to the engine. An electronic link to the engine allows the fuel delivery to be monitored constantly for maximum performance and economy.

A new and discreet status unit will be installed on your dashboard, allowing you to see fuel status, and to switch between systems, although Autogas will be the default fuel system. A new filling point will also be added to the exterior of the car.

LPG is a clean, safe fuel, and a conversion should always include the standard safety measures, such as AFL (Automatic Safety Limiter), which limits the fill, allowing the gas to expand as it should.

The initial outlay for the conversion can be paid back in a short time, with the massive savings in fuel prices. Your car when converted, runs much the same as with conventional fuel, but becomes a dual fuel vehicle. The upside of this is that you can easily switch to using petrol if the need arises. There are almost 100 filling stations around Ireland - most of which are regular petrol stations with Autogas dispensers. Use our Filling station map below to find a station near you.

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