Autogas LPG Fuel

Low cost, clean, efficient fuel and low fuel prices for your car

What is Autogas?

Autogas is the name given to Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) when it is used as an automotive fuel whether for cars, commercial fleets, forklift trucks, motor lawnmowers, buses or boats.

It has a number of significant advantages over traditional automotive fuels, offering reduced fuel costs to the user while being kinder to the environment than other traditional mainstream fuels. There are two options available when it comes to fuelling your autogas vehicle - retail forecourts or your own fleet bunkering site.

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Autogas Savings Calculator

LPG Autogas is an innovative, economical, clean fuel, often up to 50% cheaper than petrol or diesel prices. See just how much you could be saving by switching to LPG Autogas by using our savings calculator below.

Autogas Calculator

Please note this calculator is for illustrative purposes only. While calculations consider fuel efficiency differences, full cost implications should be discussed with the conversion company and/or manufacturer.