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Flogas provides support for SME customers during Covid-19

Flogas Natural Gas & Electricity Commercial Customers

Flogas have been working hard with the CRU, Network Operators and other suppliers to investigate a possible measure to assist our customers whom have been forced to close their business following Government direction.

Together we are introducing a scheme in the Republic of Ireland to support SMEs with the costs associated to their energy supply whilst non-operational as a result of Covid-19. The measure will allow Flogas to suspend your supply charges for a period of 90 days from May 1st to the 31st of July providing you register with us and are accepted onto the scheme by the relevant Network Operator. In order to apply for the scheme you must meet all of the following criteria:

  • You must have been operational for business prior to the 13th of March
  • You are not an essential Services provider as defined by the Government in the context of Covid-19
  • You have remained closed for a continuous period from March 28th
  • You are a NDM commercial gas or a DG5 / DG6 commercial electricity customer (please note that DM/LDM gas and DG5a/DG6a electricity commercial customers are exempt from the scheme)
  • You will remain closed for business until the date the relevant Covid-19 restrictions are lifted

Any applications received and accepted after May 1st shall receive benefit from the date of acceptance as there will be no retrospective credit or amendment of charges accrued prior to May 1st or the application date. You will only receive the scheme credit from the day that your application is registered and accepted by the Network Operator and all applications must be issued via your current registered supplier, i.e. Flogas. All applications must be received by Flogas by 10am daily to make the noon deadline for submission. If you submit your application after this time your credit will not be applicable until the acceptance on the following working day.

Once accepted onto the scheme your energy consumption will also be estimated to be zero. Please bear in mind that as you are declaring that you have ceased operations under this scheme and meter readings are not being taken by the network provider during the Covid-19 restrictions, should any consumption be identified following the scheme owing from under estimation during the period you will be fully liable for the related costs and will be back charged on the first invoice after identification.

For electricity customers PSO levy charges will continue to accrue as normal.

While you are registered on the scheme you will not be able to switch supplier, the restriction to switch supplier will remain in place until such time as the scheme has ended and a verified Networks meter read has been received and processed. Should your circumstance change to allow you become operational during the period you must inform us within 5 working days.

To apply for the scheme, please complete the relevant form below:

Electricity - Covid-19 Supply Suspension Scheme Application

Gas - Covid-19 Supply Suspension Scheme Application