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Flogas Green Future

Ireland’s first ever 100% Green Dual Fuel Product now available!

We in Flogas are proud to announce Flogas Green Future - our range of 100% Green Electricity and Natural Gas products including Ireland's, first ever Green Dual Fuel Product.

With Flogas your energy is making a positive change! Flogas Green Future plans include electricity that is 100% green and gas that is 100% carbon neutral, meaning a simple and easy switch to a Green Future tariff can make a big difference.

How it works – Green Electricity

100% of the electricity supplied to all Flogas customers is sourced from renewable generation, subject to the Commission for Regulation of Utilities Green Source Product Verification process. The fuel-mix statements on bills will reflect this from Q2 2021.

How it works - Carbon neutral natural gas

Partnering with South Pole, a global leader in sustainability solutions, 100% of the natural gas our customers use on Flogas Green Future Gas or Dual fuel price plans is carbon offset through audited carbon reduction projects in developing countries. The projects we invest in adhere to the internationally recognised Gold standards and the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) criteria. For more detail on carbon credits and South Pole click here

To find out more visit our Green Future FAQ’s.

Switch and Save

What makes our Flogas Green Future plans even more attractive is that they are also our lowest-cost price plans available. Simply follow the link below to find out how you can save up to €660 on your annual energy bill with our Green Future Dual Fuel plan - 31%* discount off our gas and our electricity standard rates, an Estimated Annual Bill (EAB**) of €1,508.05.

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*Savings based on the average household consumption for gas and electricity (24hr urban meter) switching from Flogas Standard Gas Rate and Flogas Standard Electricity Rate to Green Future Dual Fuel 31% plan. Terms and Conditions apply.
**EAB based on 31% off our standard gas unit rate & standard electricity unit rate. Prices subject to change. 12-month contract (early exit fee applies) and direct debit payment required.