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Flogas Energy Price Announcement

Flogas Energy Price Announcements

Due to significant and continuing increases in wholesale energy costs in recent months, Flogas is announcing residential natural gas and electricity price changes to take effect from 26th June 2021.

There will be an 8.9% increase to the Flogas standard natural gas rate and standing charge. However, due to a 10% price cut implemented last October, followed by an increase in March 2021, the net impact is a 4.4% increase on last year’s prices.

Flogas is the only company to offer 100% carbon neutral natural gas for homes in Ireland, and at no additional cost. Over 9,000 customers have signed up to Green Future natural gas, which has removed the equivalent of approximately 20,000 tonnes of CO2 from the global atmosphere*.

Due to record wholesale electricity price rises in recent months, there will be a 12.5% price increase to the Flogas standard electricity unit rates and standing charges. All electricity supplied by Flogas is 100% renewable**.

April 2021 saw the highest wholesale electricity prices since the new Single Electricity Market commenced in October 2018, and higher than usual prices are likely to continue for some time. It is caused by factors outside Flogas’s control as there have been significant long-term unplanned outages of large electricity generation plants on the island. This, combined with increasing commodity and carbon emission costs, is forcing prices up.

The increases will mean a €1.49 weekly increase (incl. VAT) for natural gas customers and €2.93 a week for electricity customers (incl. VAT). Details of the price change will be included with gas and electricity bills from 26th June 2021.

Paul Kenny, general manager, Flogas Energy, “It is unfortunate that we have to make further increases in our prices this year, however they are necessary due to the same rising wholesale costs that have affected all suppliers. We are keeping our prices as competitive as possible for our customers and will be continually reviewing as the market changes, but it is difficult to forecast any significant improvements in the medium term.

The impact on Estimated Annual Bills (EAB) for standard rate residential customers from 26th June 2021 will be as follows:

  Current (ex VAT) From 26/6/21 ex Vat Current incl VAT@ 13.5% From 26/6/21 incl VAT @ 13.5%
Natural Gas €833.39 €901.63 €945.90 €1,023.35
24hr Urban €1,153.98 €1,288.40 €1.309.77 €1.462.33
Night saver Urban €1,044.60 €1,165.53 €1,185.62 €1,322.88
24Hr Rural €1,190.92 €1,329.95 €1,351.69 €1,509.49
Night saver Rural €1,103.98 €1,232.33 €1,253.02 €1,398.69

Gas EAB is based on a customer using 11,000 kwh per annum and Electricity EAB is based on a customer using 4.200kwh per annum as per the Commission for Regulation of Utilities, (CRU).

Prices are shown rounded for presentation purposes. Prices may vary during the customer’s contract.

* The average natural gas fuelled home generates 2.2 tonnes of Co2 per annum from space and water heating and from cooking. Source SEAI

** Renewable electricity is subject to verification by the CRU under the CRU’s Green Source Product Verification process.