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Flogas announces 10% price drop on natural gas prices and a freeze on electricity prices to 2021

Price cut saves standard rate customers approx. €78* per annum.

Green electricity and gas products now available to households across Ireland

As the winter approaches and a warm home matters more than ever before, Flogas is cutting the cost of natural gas for residential gas customers by 10%, reducing the average standard Gas bill by €78 per annum. In addition, despite recent electricity market cost increases Flogas is freezing its residential electricity prices until at least March 2021.

The natural gas price change will take effect from 1st November 2020.

Paul Kenny General Manager of Flogas Energy said; We know that our customers need to keep their costs down, and never more so than in the current environment. We are reducing gas prices ahead of the winter period and giving certainty to householders regarding their electricity costs.

Details of the price change will be included with gas bills from 1st November.

Terms and Conditions

  • *€78.32 Annual savings compared to standard price plans.

Standard pricing from 1st November 2020

  Current  Current  From 1st Nov 2020  From 1st Nov 2020
  Ex Vat  Incl Vat @ 21% Ex Vat  Incl Vat @ 13.5%
Standing charge € per day 0.2712 0.3078  0.2712  0.3078
Standing charge € per annum 98.988  112.3514  98.9880 112.3514
Unit Rate (€ per kWh)  .0627  .0712 .0565  .0641
Estimated annual bill (EAB)  €840.83  €954.34  €771.83 €876.02

EAB is based on a customer using 11,000 kwh per annum as per the Commission for Regulation of Utilities, (CRU). The blended EAB for customers connecting in October, taking into account 1 month at current rates and 11 months at reduced rates is €777.58 ex vat, €882.55 incl Vat @ 13.5%.

  • Prices are shown rounded for presentation purposes. Prices may vary during the customer’s contract.