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Flogas Energy Price Announcements July 2022

Flogas Energy is today announcing plans that will increase average residential electricity bills by 8.1% and gas bills by 19.8% with effect from 19h August 2022. This is due to the continuing and unprecedented increases in wholesale gas prices and the associated increases in wholesale electricity costs.

While there will be unit rate increases, daily standing charges for electricity and gas supply will not be affected.

Full details on the upcoming price change are live on the Flogas website www.flogas.ie. There will also be official notifications today in the print media.

The conflict in Eastern Europe is causing significant uncertainty surrounding reliability of gas flows, adding to the existing pressures on prices in European energy markets. Wholesale prices are forecast to increase further into the winter months and remain volatile with little sign of improvement in the medium term.

Commenting on the announcement, Paul Kenny, general manager, Flogas Energy, said “As energy customers ourselves, we are keenly aware of the impact of increasing costs on Irish households. Energy cost increases are affecting all suppliers and while we are continually looking at ways to keep our costs low, we have no option but to increase our rates in the current environment.

We will support affected customers though our Customer Service teams as much as possible, and have a range of supports including payment plans, Budget Pay options and pre-payment meters. We would ask any customer of ours who is facing financial pressure around their energy bills to contact us.”  Kenny continued.


Flogas has launched a new e-Store on www.flogas.ie with a wide range of Smart home energy controls, as well as Solar PV, Smart battery storage and EV charging solutions, with additional discounts for Flogas customers. Flogas will be announcing new feed-in rates for solar-generated excess electricity in the coming weeks.


“Unfortunately, there is no certainty around electricity and gas prices into the winter. We strongly urge customers to consider how they can reduce usage; every light switched off, door or window insulated, or phone charger unplugged, makes a difference. By availing of Flogas smart meter price-plans,  immediate savings are possible, including over 30% on night-time usage*.” 


Paul Kenny: “As an energy supplier it is critical that we now help our customers to make changes to their use of energy, both to help reduce their bills and support a greener more sustainable future.” 


Flogas is encouraging all their customers to be Energy Aware and to take five key steps:

  • Make sure you are in a contract. While rates are increasing, Flogas customers can make significant cost savings on a 12- or 24-month contract.
  • Take steps to ensure your home is as energy efficient as possible, make the changes now, and consider Smart devices or thermostats that will help.
  • Consider a 12-month Budget Plan that will allow you to spread your costs more evenly across the year rather than facing high bills in winter months.
  • Switch to Smart. If you have a smart meter, switch now to a Flogas smart meter tariff. You could save up to 17% on your overall bill and over 30% on your night-time electricity usage* .
  • Explore Solar PV – with the current grant support and the exceptional offers for our customers, this might be the time to make that switch.


From 19th August 2022,  Flogas residential electricity unit rates will increase by 9.8% and residential natural gas will increase by 24.1% for. Standing charges for both remain unaffected.

The impact on Estimated Annual Bills (EAB) for standard rate residential customers from 19th August 2022 will be as follows:



Current EAB


From 15/8/22 Monthly Increase % Annual Increase



Smart SST Urban





Smart SST Rural










24hr Urban





Night Saver Urban





24Hr Rural





Night saver Rural










Natural Gas





EABs are inclusive of VAT @ 9%, Electricity PSO (€58.57 pa) and Gas Carbon taxes (€75.68 pa). Gas EAB is based on a customer using 11,000 kwh per annum.  Electricity EABs are based on a customer using 4,200kwh per annum, allocated by time period as per the Commission for Regulation of Utilities, (CRU). Prices are shown rounded for presentation purposes. Prices may vary during the customer’s contract.

*Standard smart night rate v’s standard 24h unit rate