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Questions about switching to LPG

Frequently asked questions for customers switching to LPG

How do I Switch to Flogas LPG?

Whether you are building your own home, switching your LPG supplier, or switching from oil to gas, Flogas LPG is a clean and efficient fuel, saving you money, and giving you peace of mind from the worry of oil theft. New LPG customers switching from oil to gas get a Free LPG Boiler when switching from oil to gas!**.

Here's how to switch and save with Flogas:

**Terms & Conditions apply

Will it cost me to switch?

This depends on the type of switch. If you are simply switching from another provider, the switch may possibly cost nothing. However, a new build or if you are switching systems from oil to gas can be a little more involved. Why not call our friendly Customer Support Team on 041 214 9600 today to find out?

Will switching disrupt my supply?

With a simple provider switch, there will be no disruption, whether you are a metered or bulk tank customer.

Can I switch from another LPG supplier?

Yes you can. This is usually the most straightforward switching process. Simply call our Customer Support Team today and they can help with any switching queries.

Can I switch from oil to LPG?

Yes you can. Good choice! An LPG bulk tank is more secure from theft than an oil tank. We guarantee service and reliability, so you can be confident of a continued supply, and new customers switching from oil to gas get FREE LPG Boiler when switching from oil to gas!.

You may also be eligible to receive SEI grants towards the cost of installation. Why not call our Customer Support Team today on 041 214 9600 and they can help with any switching queries.

Where is my nearest bottled gas stockist?

Flogas supply hundreds of reliable stockists all around Ireland. Find your nearest stockist HERE.