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Safety For Energy Customers

Energy - what to do in an emergency

Natural Gas Safety

In an emergency call the 24 hour Gas Networks Emergency Service Line

1800 20 50 50

In the interest of public safety all calls are recorded.

Natural Gas Safety Downloads

Gas safety - if you smell gas DO NOT ignore it

  • Phone Gas Networks immediately – if your phone is in the immediate area, it may be unsafe to use it.
  • Turn off the gas at your meter and appliances.
  • Open doors and windows.
  • Do not smoke/use naked flames/light switches/door bells.
  • Check with premises nearby.

Appliance Safety

  • Do not use bath water heaters whilst in the bath.
  • Do have central heating boilers serviced every year.
  • Do have open flue appliances serviced every year.
  • Do have other appliances serviced regularly.

Carbon Monoxide

It is colourless, odourless and has no taste. It is a killer.
Carbon monoxide poisoning is caused by fumes from faulty home heating appliances.

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