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What is PAYG?

PAYG meter is a meter which requires you to pay for your gas as you use it by topping up the meter with credit.

How do you top up a PAYG?

You can purchase credit to top up your PAYG meter at any outlet displaying the PAYZONE sign (minimum purchase is €10 and your Gas Card can hold a maximum credit of €250).

Why choose PAYG?

PAYG offers customers a means to control and budget their gas consumption.

How do I get a PAYG meter?

You should contact our customer service team on 041 214 9500 to discuss the suitability of a PAYG meter for you. Our Office hours are Monday to Friday 9am – 5.30pm & Saturday 9am – 1pm

What happens if you run out of credit?

PAYG meters have the facility to offer emergency credit (€10) to customers whom find themselves out of credit. This emergency credit must then be repaid out of your next top-up.

What if I am in arrears?

Customers in financial difficulty may choose to install a PAYG meter to avoid disconnection or to cap arrears on their account. Once the PAYG meter is installed we can add your outstanding balance to the meter and this can be repaid gradually. Each time you top-up 22% of your top will go towards your arrears.

What tariff is available on PAYG?

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