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Budget Plans with Flogas

What is a budget plan and how do I set it up?

Flogas customers can avail of a free direct debit budgeting service for their account. Using your actual previous year's consumption history Flogas can calculate your yearly cost. The yearly amount can then be divided down into 12 equal monthly installments which will be debited from your account.

Not only will this help you know in advance what you are paying but you also eliminate those large winter bills hitting your account for one payment.

How accurate are the calculations?

Even if you have just changed supplier to Flogas, Flogas are provided with confirmation of your most recent year's consumption history by the Network Operator. This information is then used along with current pricing to calculate your bills including supply charges and VAT for the year.

Obviously, there are a number of factors which can affect your bill such as an increase/decrease in usage owing to temperature changes or new appliance installation and price changes etc, it is for this reason that Flogas will undertake account reviews every six-months to monitor your budget plan to ensure that you are not being charged too little or indeed too much on a monthly basis.

Will I continue to get a bill?

The network operator will continue to read your meter and Flogas will continue to prepare and issue invoices to our customers as normal. This invoice will give you the added comfort of knowing your usage, payments to date, and of course monitor your account balance.

In the event whereby your monthly payments prove to be too high/low Flogas will contact you to increase/decrease the agreed amount so that you do not build large credit/debt on your account.

Can I change my monthly amount?

As the calculations made for your monthly budget plan are done using actual consumption figures it is not advisable to increase/decrease your monthly amount. However, Flogas are of course aware of the factors which can influence a customer's consumption and would therefore advise any customer wishing to query their budget plan amount to call our credit control team on 041-214 9554.

Can I get a refund of my credit?

Customers on a budget payplan will at some stage throughout the year build a credit on their account, however this credit will be used with your monthly payments to cover the larger bills which occur throughout the year to prevent debts from accruing. If you do build up a significant credit you can contact us to request a refund or other options available.

I am not on Direct Debit can I avail of a Budget payplan?

Flogas are aware that direct debit does not suit all of our customers and therefore we can also offer customers who prefer to pay their bills in the post office (or at any retail outlet with the paypoint sign) a payment card. This can be requested from our credit control team on 041 214 9554.

How do I know how much to pay?

Flogas can calculate the yearly amount similar to the direct debit budgetplan and divide this by 12 for monthly installments or 52 for weekly installments. The payplan agreement will then be noted onto the customer's account. Invoices will be issued as normal to show consumption, payments and current account balance.

What If I have arrears on my account?

Payplan arrangements should only be instigated when an account has a zero balance. However, if is not possible to clear your arrears in 1 payment, Flogas can add your arrears to the yearly calculations and spread out throughout the installment agreement.

What if I miss an arrears payment?

The payplan agreement is unlike the budgetplan in so far as it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the payments are made in a timely fashion in line with the terms of the agreement. Should a customer miss a payment this payment should be submitted along with the next installment. In the case whereby a customer fails to make two consecutive payments in line with the payplan agreement the agreement will be cancelled and any balance owing will become due in full.

How Can I set up a payplan/budgetplan?

In order to activate either a payplan agreement or budget plan please contact our credit control team on 041 214 9554 to discuss.