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Switching to Flogas

Frequently asked questions for customers switching to Flogas Ireland

How do I switch to Flogas?

Switching to Flogas couldn't be easier! We will need confirmation of your name, address, telephone number, current meter reading, and bank account details (if choosing direct debit). You need your latest energy bill(s) and current Meter Reading(s) to hand. 

How to Switch:

  • Switch online now - view our competitive and greener price plans.
  • Call our Customer Care Team on 041 214 9500 to switch easily and in minutes! Lines open: Mon-Fri 9.00am - 5.30pm
  • Download the New Customer Agreement Form and return to: Flogas Ireland, Knockbrack House, Matthews Lane, Donore Road, Drogheda, Co.Louth, Ireland.

* Offer available to new cusomers only. Discount valid for a period of 12 months. An early exit fee of Euro 50 (incl vat) applies. Terms and conditions apply.

Where can I view price plans?

Switch to Flogas today to avail of competitive prices and a greener future. View price plans here

Why choose Flogas?

We are the only energy provider in Ireland who can supply natural gas, electricity, and LPG (tank/bottled gas), providing your choice of dual fuel. Save money and help a greener future when we plant a tree on your behalf when you switch to Flogas today.

Find out more about why you should choose Flogas

View our energy price plans here

Find out more about our LPG options here

How much will I save?

Switch to Flogas NOW for savings and greener energy.

View price plans HERE >

Will it cost anything to switch to Flogas?

No, you keep the same meter and appliances. There is absolutely no disruption in fact the whole process is systematic and completed in minutes. You should get a closing bill from your previous supplier in the coming days and then your next bill will be from Flogas.

What will I need to switch online?

You will need:

Switch online now >

Will I need a new meter?

No you will not need a new meter, your energy supply will continue through the existing infrastructure at your property.

If there a disruption to my energy supply when I switch to Flogas?

No. Changing over is seamless. There will be no disruption to your electricity or gas supply.

Will there be a price increase when the discount duration runs out?

The discount off the standard rate you signed up to is guaranteed for the contract duration after which you may renegotiate or will revert to the standard rate plan.

Where will my bills come from after I switch and how often?

You will receive your final bill from your previous provider and will then receive your bills from Flogas every 2 months.

If I am unhappy am I locked into a contract with Flogas?

There will be an exit fee of €50 applied per fuel item (if this forms part of any DF offering) for any customer who closes their account within the first 12 months outside of the 14-day cooling-off period.

What happens to my DSFA allowance if I switch to Flogas?

Once you sign up with Flogas you notify the DSFA in writing that you have changed to Flogas, on the letter you need to confirm you PPS no. date of changeover and meter reading, the DSFA will then move your allowance to Flogas so you get the same entitlement as before.

What happens after I switch to Flogas?

When you complete and submit our customer agreement form and direct debit mandate we send your details to the MRSO for registration. Providing all the details are correct and your application is successful, we will process you’re application and your account will be active within 10 days. Once activated we will issue with confirmation in writing of your account activation and new account number with Flogas.

Will my billing date change after I switch to Flogas?

There may be a change to your billing date, as Flogas utilises the readings provided by the network operators GNI (Gas Networks Ireland) and ESB (Electricity Supply Board) there will be an improvement on the accuracy of your bill. You’ll receive a letter from Flogas with further information on this.

What happens at the end of my contract?

Your current contract end date will remain the same. Flogas will notify you of available tariff options 30 days before your tariff is due to end and offer you attractive renewal rates. The notification will include new tariff details and/or terms and conditions that may apply to your energy account.

How do I contact Flogas?

Flogas Enquiries

041 214 9500

Flogas Residential Sales

041 214 9555


Flogas Drogheda - Head Office 


Knockbrack House,

Matthews Lane,

Donore Road,


Co. Louth, Ireland

A92 T803

Phone, Fax and Email

Phone: 041 214 9500

Fax: 041 9834652

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