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Ebilling Tips & Tricks

Ebilling from Flogas - how do I download my bill to view?

How can I download my bill to view ?

Step 1

In the ebilling email received from Flogas, click on the large button titled:





Step 2 

  • From the previous step, your bill should start downloading using your internet browser in a PDF format
  • Depending on your device default browser the pdf will open as a downloaded file or within the browser window


Further troubleshooting

Some tips and tricks for the most commonly used internet browsers and how to download a file.


Google Chrome icon

  • Chrome normally downloads your file as a separate file which can be located at the bottom left corner of your Chrome browser window
  • Double click on this file starting in “FGNG” to open or use the arrow to choose additional options to open


Internet Explorer

Internet explorer will download your file either by:

  • opening in the browser window
  • Separate download similar to the below screenshot





  • Microsoft Edge normally opens PDFs by default in the browser window



  • Firefox downloads files by default in a downloads folder which can be accessed by clicking on the down arrow in the top right corner of the Firefox browser window


PDF Reader/ Viewer

  • You may also want to install a pdf reader if your pc/laptop or mobile device doesn’t already have a pdf reader
  • Adobe Reader is one of the most commonly used pdf reader
  • You can download adobe reader
  • For a Windows device (pc/laptop) www.adobe.com/reader


For an android mobile device from your Play Store 


For an apple Device from your app store