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About your price and balance

About your price and balance with Flogas

Will my prices go up?
The details of your new Flogas pricing have now been sent to you. Should you believe that the tariff you are transferring onto is not in line with your previous Just Energy tariff you may contact Flogas customer care team on 041 214 9500 to run through the details and enquire if there is an alternate rate which would suit you better.
What about my account credit?
You will not lose any credit on your account. If you pay by level pay SEPA Direct Debit, your balance will be refunded to you within 6 weeks after you’ve received your final Just Energy bill. If you are due a credit from Just Energy this will be paid to you in the most appropriate method (typically transferred to your account or sent to you by cheque).
Do I still get additional discounts for e-billing and SEPA Direct Debit payment?
Flogas is offering the same rates to all customers regardless of payment or billing type preference. Therefore, the discounts you are familiar with, if appropriate have already been built into the new overall rates.