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Data Protection/ Terms And Conditions

Data protection and terms and conditions of website use

What we do with your personal information and your rights

As a normal part of supplying you with gas, Flogas Ireland Ltd inevitably holds some of your personal data such as your name, address, telephone number, gas tank contents, invoices issued to you and payments received from you. The purpose of this document is to clearly describe how we process that data, how we respect your privacy, and how you may exercise your right to receive a copy of that data. At all times, we treat your data in compliance with the Irish Data Protection Act.

Note that "personal data" in the context of the Data Protection Act just means data (like your phone number or an invoice) that can be identified with a particular individual (we can identify that the data relates to you through your name and address). It does not mean sensitive data - we do not obtain or hold sensitive information on you, just the information referred to above which is necessary to supply you with gas.

We only disclose your personal data to others where it is necessary in the context of supplying you with gas, we do not sell or make available any of your details to others such as direct-mail or other marketting companies (if you are contacted by any such company who state or imply that they received your contact details from us, we would dearly love to hear from you). We only disclose your information to the following:

  • Gas service and installation contractors, where you request us to do so, such as a request by you to have an appliance serviced (who may not disclose your details in turn to others), or where we need to have essential maintenance carried out, such as retesting a gas tank. 
  • A postal service who we may subcontract to print and post documents to you such as invoices and statements (who also may not disclose your details in turn to others) 
  • On an exceptional basis, data may be released to others on request such as the Health & Safety Authority for purposes such as investigation of incidents, risk assessment or other health & safety matters.

Flogas may record telephone conversations made to us for the puposes of safety, staff training, quality control or confirming details of your conversation. This information is treated in a strictly confidential manner.

We respect your privacy, and we take all reasonable precautions to protect your data from access by others: apart from our obligations under the Data Protection Act, we share a commonality in not wishing to allow others access to your data.

While we will keep some or all of your data after we may cease being your gas supplier, this is kept only for purposes such as answering any of your queries, as an assistance should we subsequently become your gas supplier again, and for health & safety purposes.

You are entitled to a copy of your personal data though we may limit how frequently we comply with these requests as per the Irish Data Protection Act, where we suspect abuse of this right, such as requesting this information daily. We do not currently charge for this service, though we reserve the right to do so in the future, because we fully respect your right of access to this data. Because we also have to protect your privacy, and guard against others trying to access your data, we will normally only post the data to your home address: should you have changed your address unknown to us, you must submit proof of your change of address with your request. For the same privacy reasons, requests for a copy of your personal data should be made in writing to:

The Data Protection Officer,
Flogas Ireland Ltd,
Knockbrack House,
Matthew's Lane,
Donore Road,
Co. Louth.

In addition, we may send you safety and marketing information (strictly related to your supply of gas) from time to time with your invoices and/or statements, and possibly on occasion independently of your invoices/statements. If at any stage you wish not to receive any marketing information from us, you may send such a request to the Data Protection Officer above, or alternatively email ccostelloe@flogas.ie, mmccabe@flogas.ie or gmonaghan@flogas.ie and your request will be complied with.

In case of any abuse that you become aware of, such as being contacted or sent information from someone else apart from us but purporting to have been given your contact details from us, or for clarification and queries on any of the issues discussed in this document, please feel free to send correspondence to the Data Protection Officer above or any of the listed email addresses.

Should you be dissatisfied with our responses, you may contact the Irish Data Protection Commissioner or through the courts. Contact details for the Irish Data Protection Commissioner, as well as information on the Irish Data Protection Act(s), may be found at the Data Protection Commissioner's web site, which at the time of writing was http://www.dataprotection.ie

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