Water Heating

Instant, fast, LPG water heating with Flogas for dairy, hospitality, restaurants, and hotels

Dairy Water Heating

Our LPG instant hot water system provides on demand hot water at up to 85°C and will eliminate hot water storage costs on your dairy farm, making it a cheaper alternative to electric water heaters. Wherever you are, our LPG hot water system can enable you to effectively clean milk lines and milk storage tanks.

For hot water on your farm whenever and wherever you need it, talk to us today about a free farm visit with one of our dairy experts.

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Gas Water Heating for hotels, restaurants, and hospitals

The demands on a hot water system in modern hotels, restaurants, and hospitals are almost endless. Constantly available hot water for bathrooms, cleaning, washing, dishwashing, and large scale laundry is a must, along with the need for a reliable hot water heating system.

Flogas has the gas water heating solution for your business, no matter what your size or needs. Combined Heat and Power systems, referred to as CHP systems, generate electricity and hot water on-site for such large scale steady consumers as industry, and hotels with swimming pools.