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Meter Reading

Complete the online Meter Reading form below. You need your GPRN for gas or MPRN for electricity, your account number, and current Meter Reading to hand. If you have not used gas or electricity since receiving your last bill, you will find your meter reading on the bill.

Smart Meter customers: If you have a smart meter installed you no longer need to submit a meter read as your new smart meter will submit accurate reads automatically.

All data is collected by Flogas in compliance with GDPR and the relevant Data Protection Acts. We will only use your data for the purposes to which it was collected and we will respect your rights and privacy in relation to your data at all times.

More details about our approach to data protection and how to opt-out can be found in our privacy policy.

If you are unhappy with an estimated bill you can take the reading yourself. 

How to read your gas meter:

meter box


How to read your electricity meter:

On the front of your meter, you will see a panel with a number sequence make a note of the digits before the decimal point.

If you have a rotating disc meter:

If you have an electronic meter:

If you don't have a Meter Box key and would like to receive one please contact our Customer Service Team on 041 214 9500.

Find out more about how to read your meter and submit your meter reading >