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MacNean House & Restaurant

Flogas LPG serves up something unique at Neven Maguire restaurant

mcnean interior

The MacNean House and Restaurant Challenge

Neven Maguire is undoubtedly Ireland’s most progressive and creative chef; his passion for food is palpable in everything he does – serving guests at his famous MacNean House Restaurant, in his nationwide cookery demonstrations and on his dedicated TV show. When he took over the family business in 2001, Neven was already a Flogas devotee. Flogas fuelled the catering equipment in the kitchen and the gas fire in the lounge although an oil-fired boiler generated the heating and hot water.

As the restaurant’s popularity increased, so too did the demand for accommodation. In late 2010, an opportunity to purchase the building next door arose, so Neven and his team set about remodelling the interior in order to create an additional nine guest bedrooms. Recognising that increased energy demands and costs would ensue, they approached Flogas for advice.

The Flogas Solution

After conducting a free site visit of both premises, the Flogas energy solutions team recommended modern, high-efficiency gas boilers to replace the old inefficient oil boiler in the original restaurant building and also for the new building.

"Our type of business requires a keen eye on the bottom line and especially our energy costs. The chance to gain increased bedroom accommodation, cut our annual overheads, reduce our carbon footprint and only have to deal with one energy supplier made the final decision a pretty easy one, to be honest." - Neven Maguire

Changeover Process

The Flogas LPG boilers were installed and now the whole operation benefits from one-source efficiency for all its cooking, heating and hot water requirements. The annual running costs have also come down significantly despite the extra bedrooms.

In March 2017, Neven and his team switched MacNean House and Restaurant to Flogas electricity meaning the restaurant now benefits from having one energy supplier for all of its lighting, cooking, heating and hot water requirements.

It’s just another example of how versatile and efficient Flogas can be. As an energy solutions specialist, we can design and implement a complete turnkey solution for your business, whatever its size. So why not avail of our no obligation free survey? We’ll analyse your existing energy costs and outline the benefits and savings you’ll enjoy by working with us.

"The whole process went like clockwork and we’re absolutely delighted with the result and having one supplier for LPG and electricity" - Neven Maguire

Clean economical burning fuel

One source efficiency for all the house and restaurant, cooking, heating and hot water

Significantly reduced running costs despite extra bedrooms

Increased number of bedrooms, annual overheads cut

Reduced carbon footprint and now only having to deal with one energy supplier were all achieved

One energy supplier of LPG and electricity for the site’s lighting, cooking, heating and hot water needs