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Galileo Restaurant and Luigi Takeaway

LPG water heating and cooking in family restaurant and takeaway

luigi takeaway

The Challenge

Luigi Macari owns and runs Galileo’s Italian Restaurant and Luigi’s Takeaway in Edenderry, Co. Offaly. They are two popular establishments located next door to each other, offering authentic Italian and European dishes.

Flogas LPG was already present on both premises; it was used for cooking in Galileo’s restaurant and for deep fat fryers in Luigi’s Takeaway. As a result, Luigi was not receiving the full benefits of all that LPG can offer.

Before Luigi contacted Flogas, oil was the principal fuel used in both premises for central heating and hot water. This meant that water had to be pre-heated before use, stored and then reheated, leading to elevated costs for hot water storage. Luigi felt that the system did not supply his properties with the amount of hot water he required on a daily basis. In short, Luigi Macari was searching for a more cost-effective, efficient and flexible solution to his energy needs.

The Flogas Solution

After contacting local Flogas sales representative Donal Moran, Luigi realised that incorporating LPG into the restaurant not only for cooking but also for central heating and heating hot water was a more tailored, financially viable solution to his energy needs.

By removing oil from the premises, Luigi would be able to reduce his fuel bills from three to two; LPG for central heating, hot water and cooking and electricity for lighting and heating the pizza ovens.
Donal recommended the installation of two Andrews FASTflo heaters which would link up to the existing LPG supply in each of the premises. These Andrews FASTflo heaters would supply 168 litres of on demand hot water at 80°C in just seven minutes and would allow temperature to vary between 37°C and 80°C with the aid of a controller. No running costs would be incurred when the units were idle and in addition there would be no storage costs throughout the day or night.

Seamless Changeover Process

The Flogas Energy Solutions Team is now giving expert advice in their plans to double the size of the kitchen and upgrade the existing beer garden. They are replacing expensive electric patio heaters with more efficient stylish gas patio heaters and are also installing a gas barbeque for the summer season because of its instant, controllable, heat for cooking.

The technical expertise of the Flogas Energy Solutions Team means confidence and peace of mind for customers when they entrust us with the design and installation of their gas system, whatever the applications. Our experience covers hotels, restaurants, pubs, cafes, guesthouses, leisure centres and also other sectors, including nursing homes, retail parks and manufacturing plants.

Flogas Energy Solutions evaluates, develops and provides cost effective gas solutions to customers, regardless of the project size. Large or small, Flogas has an energy solution for your specific needs.

Luigi Macari was delighted with the results; increased efficiency, lower costs and complete peace of mind. In fact, the new system is working so well, he is also considering changing his pizza ovens from electricity to LPG in the near future.

If your current system is not providing you with the level of service you require and contributing to high bills, call Flogas for your free on-site survey and quotation. We will analyse your existing energy costs and outline the savings and benefits you’ll enjoy by converting to Flogas LPG.

“The changes I made with Flogas were worth every effort. In addition to substantial savings from day one, the quick and efficient heat up time for the water and paying just for the hot water actually used are incredible bonuses!”- Luigi Macari

On demand hot water Fast - 12 litres of hot water at 80°C

Lower costs due to less wasteful heating processes.

Increased control over water temperatures – from 37°C to 80°C via a controller.

Increased efficiency and significantly reduced running costs with no water storage costs throughout the day or night.

Multi-usage from one source – cooking, central heating and hot water.