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Dairy Water Heating and Flogas LPG

On demand, fast, efficient water heating for your dairy farm

The average Irish dairy farm can be an expensive enterprise, with rising electricity costs, and expensive day rates for heating water.

As every dairy farmer knows, a reliable hot water supply is vital for the effective cleaning of milk lines and storage tanks as well as controlling the Total Bacteria Count (TBC) of the milk produced.  Switching to LPG gives you hot water instantly and whenever you need it, whether it’s 20 or 100 litres and eliminates your hot water storage costs.

The Flogas solution

  • Storage costs eliminated
  • Only pay for hot water that is actually used
  • On demand hot water at any temperature (37° to 80°)
  • Controller to help you achieve your desired temperature
  • Single energy source for heating
  • No responsibility for storage tanks
  • Seamless changeover process in just 1-3 days
  • A cheaper alternative to electricity and oil

Easy Installation

This system can be easily installed by fitting an Andrew's Fastflo heater internally or externally, with no requirement for additional weather protection, along with an easy to use controller.
The heaters are connected to the Flogas LPG tank which will be installed on site and can be fitted with a state of the art telemetry system on the LPG tank to monitor your LPG usage. It will alert us when your tank needs to be refilled and we can schedule a delivery in a timely fashion.

Find out how Flogas helped Bill O’Keeffe, a Kilkenny dairy farmer save on water heating costs

“I now have instant hot water at whatever temperature I need whenever I need it so hot water storage costs are eliminated. I only pay for what I use and the new cost is equivalent to night rate electricity which is far cheaper than before.”
- Bill O'Keeffe

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