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CHP - Combined Heat & Power Systems

CHP - Localised, efficient heat and power onsite for hotels, complexes and nursing homes

Electricity is generated at power plants around the country at efficiencies of about 40%, which is reduced further by the time it reaches the end user due to transmission losses.

CHP (or Combined Heat and Power) is an onsite gas powered engine which turns an electrical generator, creating electricity, while fulfilling the heat requirements of the facility. It enables localised electricity generation and because the excess heat is used, up to 90% efficiency. Therefore the carbon footprint for the heat and electricity used on site is greatly reduced.

CHP installations vary in type, depending on the end user:

  • Very large installations which use steam and gas turbines generate electricity and heat on industrial sites which have a constant large energy demand for production processes. Modern systems can synchronise the system with the national grid and allow excess electrical capacity to be sold to the grid.
  • Medium installations use a gas powered engine to generate electricity on sites such as hotels and leisure complexes. The excess heat is used where there is sufficient demand such as swimming pools.
  • Small - As technology improves, smaller scale units are becoming available on the market known as micro-CHP. There are different forms of micro-CHP such small scale gas engine, fuel cells and the gas boiler with a sterling engine, which generates up to 1kW electricity when the boiler is firing.

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How can we help you?

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