Winter Energy Supports

New Customer Support Measures

Did you know? 

The CRU has introduced a new package of customer protection measures for the coming winter. These additional measures are being adopted in the light of the current volatility in global energy prices. With the aim of better protecting domestic electricity and gas customers this winter.

Are you struggling to pay your bills?

If you are experiencing difficulty in paying for your consumption, please engage with our dedicated team who can provide the following:

  • Offer flexible payment plans​
  • Ensure your meter reads and account are up to date​
  • Direct you to third-party supports​
  • Energy efficiency advice​

Pay As You Go New Protection Measures

Attention Pay As You Go customers the following protection measures will come into play from the 1st of October.​

  • 1

    Pay As You Go Emergency credit will increase from €10 to €20​

  • 2

    The fee for gas meter exchanges will also be waived from the 1st of October​

  • 3

    The debt recovery rate for Pay As You Go Customers will be reduced to 10%

Priority & Special Services Register

At Flogas we aim to offer all our customers the best possible service. We understand that some of our customers may require additional support.

Please complete this form to avail of additional protections. You can also add a nominated representative to your account or alternative communication channels.