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Find out the potential of solar technology for your business. Our handy calculator estimates the expected system size, yield, and savings. Get an immediate estimate now, and request a follow up from our Solar team, who can make further recommendations and will help you through the process. Start your Solar journey now by answering a few short questions below:

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Identify your premises type

The amount of solar energy your business can generate depends on available roof space. Choose the closest premise type to yours below

Single Shopfront
< 30m2
System Size
Detached urban
< 55m2
Maximum Input Capacity
Detached rural
< 73m2
Roof Space
Industrial estate
< 144m2
Premises Type
Hotel/ Sports club
< 180m2
Factory/ Industrial
< 200m2

Specify your budget

Drop in below what your budget is and we will advise. Please note that this is upfront cost - before the SEAI grant is applied

Estimated roof space:
Estimated system size

Your Solar Savings

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mWh Annual Energy

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