Central Heating Systems

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How can we help you to save?

A Flogas central heating can be tailored to the individual requirements of your home to give you clean, efficient and controllable central heating, instant hot water, economical gas cooking and the latest range of gas fires and gas tumble dryers.

A standard Flogas home heating system combines the most modern home heating technology with a range of modern, compact, quiet and super-efficient gas boilers. Boilers are available in a range of sizes and versions to suit your home. The heating system also features an easy to set timer to ensure that you have piping hot water whenever you need it.

The option of installing a condensing boiler would further improve efficiency in the household, and with the availability of fingertip control systems, you can benefit from lower gas usage and increased savings while simultaneously being kinder to the environment.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 041-9831041 or use our contact form. We will arrange for a one of our highly trained sales representatives to meet with you and discuss your energy requirements to ensure that we can provide you with the ideal solution for your property.

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