Infrared Radiant Gas Fired Heaters

Infrared radiant gas fired heaters

How can we help you save money?

Traditionally, large warehouse or workshop type buildings have been heated using warm air heating systems. Burners heat the air which is blown around the building. In order to heat the building the whole volume of air for the building must be heated. A lot of this heat is lost as warm air rises and therefore is focused around the ceiling place rather than on the floor where people are. It also takes a long time to heat the whole building this way.

Infrared radiant heaters are different in that they radiate the heat down on the floor space, much like how the sun works. Energy isn’t focused on heating the air but rather the people in the immediate vicinity below the heaters. There are many benefits to such as system over the warm air heating:

  • Much shorter warm up time, people nearly immediately feel the effects of the radiated heat once the unit is powered on.
  • Heat is focused where it is needed, rather than having to heat a whole building the radiant heater can be positioned where the workers are based, and where it is needed.
  • Because the system doesn’t rely on heating the air, the building does not have to be well insulated
  • The heating can easily be zoned
  • There is no air movement which reduces the circulation of dust, particularly important in some warehouse applications
  • Low energy consumption

All these benefits can provide savings of up to 40% over conventional heating systems. Flogas has helped implement this technology in many different applications which include warehousing, workshops, industrial sites, milking parlours and sports complexes.